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At our law firm, Fontanals Abogados-Solicitors, we are specialists in Civil law and our aim is to preserve the interests of our clients at the patrimonial and moral level. Therefore, we offer a number of services in this area. Our team of lawyers offers defense for the fulfillment and / or the resolution of contractual obligations, financial, testamentary claims, matrimonial and family law, inter alia.
With regard to family law, we can help you, whatever your situation, whether to start legal separation or divorce procedures, or liquidation of the matrimonial property regime, as well as also in issues of facto union or filiation. We also offer our services regarding to civil and mortgage proceedings, declarative and executive.

If your case needs skills related to the Inheritance Law, in Fontanals Abogados-Solicitors we take care of the declaration of heirs ab intestato in the absence of a valid will, adjudication and partition of the estate, testamentary execution reports or also challenging of testamentary dispositions.

In matters of urban leases and horizontal property we take charge of the formulation and negotiation of contracts of lease of housing and business premises; verbal procedures of urban leases or procedures of eviction by precarious.
We provide services for community of proprietors about legal claims of defaulting owners’ fees and challenge of decisions adopted at meetings of communities of owners. In our firm, we are also specialists in contract termination, claims for payment, adversarial judicial procedure and by mutual agreement and judicial proceedings for amendment of definitive measures.
You can resort to us for enforcement of court decisions, judgments and domestics and foreign arbitral awards. Our services also include the drafting of notarial minutes, domain records, contractual and extra-contractual liability actions and general civil contracting conditions.