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Real Estate Law is a branch of the Civil law that deals with the juridical relations from the real estate, it regulates through a set of doctrinal or positive norms concerning the acts and contracts that regulate the birth, modification, transmission and extinction of the property and the remaining real rights on real estate. If you are looking for a real-estate lawyer in Torrevieja for helping and advisory concerning Real Estate Law, at the firm Fontanals Abogados-Solicitors we are expert in Real Estate Law.

Our services take in the field of the advice, representation and defense in all kinds of real-estate operations with professional contracts of integral attention. Our practice is located in a city as Torrevieja, placed on the Mediterranean, with an enviable climate, a high landscape, ecological and tourist value. That is why we have become a benchmark for foreign customers who need advice on tax and legal issues concerning property in Spain.

We offer purchasers, sellers and owners legal advice and tax consulting services individualized before the acquisition or sale of the property. To this end it is imperative to be in possession of extensive knowledge on all the juridical and economic aspects that the real-estate advice needs, a requirement that Fontanals Abogados fulfill by far. Whatever your doubt is, we will help you to resolve it. We are specialists in the advice on the buying and selling houses, premises and soils and also we take charge of the review of the principal real-estate contracts: tenancy, barter transactions, construction, etc.

We offer advice to cooperatives, compensation boards, real estate developers, consumers, communities, etc., as well, taking on the legal directorate of court proceedings: liability actions, legal challenge of agreements, not allowed works, claims to insurance companies, etc. Our Real Estate Law experts will also handle the advice of legal claims of construction defects.