Fontanals Solicitors

In the law firm Fontanals Solicitors are specialists in the areas of Civil Law, Property Law, Mercantile Law, Administrative Law, Fiscal Law and Penal Law.

Law firm specialized in Civil Law

Defense for compliance and / or resolutions of contractual obligations, economic claims, testamentary, matrimonial and family law, among others.
Civil and mortgages, declaratory and executive processes.
Urban Leases and Property.
Preparation and negotiation of leases of housing and business premises; verbal procedures of urban leases, unlawful detainer procedures.
Community owners. legal claim of delinquent homeowners dues. Contesting the resolutions adopted at meetings of a condominium.
Contractual resolution and termination. Claims for payment.

Succession (declaration of intestate heirs , awarding and partition of the estate, testamentary reports, testamentary challenge Provisions).
Family Law (separation, divorce, filiation, matrimonial regime liquidation).
Litigation legal proceedings and mutual agreement.
Modification of final medina legal proceedings.
Judgements executions, Ejecución de resoluciones judiciales, judgments and arbitration awards national and foreign.
Terms of the civil contracting.
Actions of contract and tort.
Domain Records.
Writing of notarial minutes.